He Walks Past My House

I’m excited to announce the new thriller story I’m currently writing in collaboration with Author & Singer Songwriter Amanda Hopewell.

It's a tense and fast-moving psychological thriller, told from the different perspectives of the three main characters. Here's a short trailer which introduces you to the opening of the story.

But there's a 'Story behind the Story'...

Amanda and I are each writing alternate pages of this brand new thriller and posting them daily - and currently exclusively - online on our Instagram pages. We're plotting the story as we go - so each new page is as much of a surprise to whichever of us didn’t write it as it is to those reading it, which is an interesting challenge!

We plan that HE WALKS PAST MY HOUSE will eventually be a published book, but if you'd like to be part of its journey and read the story as it evolves in daily episodes, please follow my Instagram page from this link.


I hope you enjoy it!
Charlotte V.

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When the watcher becomes the watched

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Read the story as it unfolds...

New Psychological Thriller
- Coming Soon!

Read the story as it unfolds...


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